What you need to know about dark chocolate

For lovers of chocolate, dark chocolate offers one of the most outstanding candies that individuals can enjoy. Chocolate irrespective of the main recipes involved in the manufacture are loved by different individuals not only due to their sweetness but the health benefits they offer. They are some of the most favored candies by women who want to maintain their weight but still get the chance to enjoy sweet diets. Over the years, chocolate bars have become synonymous as more and more individuals seek to benefit from the benefits that they have to offer. As a magnificent ingredient, chocolate is used in the manufacture of desserts and other foods where they increase their sweetness and deliciousness. There are many types of chocolate available in the market including unsweetened, white, milk, courveture, dark chocolate among others. The type of chocolate is dependent on different features which include the quantity of added ingredients which are added on the chocolate, the incumbent temperature and the duration of roasting to which the chocolate ingredients are exposed to.

What really is dark Chocolate?

Having already looked at the main distinguishing factors to the different variations of chocolate, we take a look at what the dark chocolate is all about. It is also known as the plain chocolate. The plain connotes the fact that the chocolate does not have or contain any milk which is mostly added as an additive in many of the latter chocolate varieties. In the United States, the dark chocolate is commonly referred to as the Sweet Chocolate. The chocolate liquor accounts for approximately 15% of its ingredients content in the. This is as opposed to those in other European countries where the minimum concentration is about 35%. It is for such reasons that it is considered as a healthy chocolate and which has diverse benefits to human health. Through scientific research, it has been found out that dark chocolate might help lower blood pressure in individuals. However, it is essential to balance the calorie intake for lovers of this brand of chocolate by eating less amounts of other foods or diets.

The ingredients of Dark chocolate

The contents of dark chocolate are essential in determining the amount of calories that individuals can obtain from eating such chocolate bars. This dark chocolate is basically chocolate without milk additives. This chocolate type has more pronounced or better taste when compared to the conventional milk chocolate . This is basically due to the fact that they do not contain the milk solids which compete with the magnificent chocolate taste. The milk bars have a unique taste which when incorporated with the chocolate ingredients dilute that taste. The fact dark chocolate does not have milk additives means that they are more dry and chalky texture with a bitter taste. The main ingredients in the dark bars of the chocolate are diverse and include cocoa beans , sugar, different emulsifier including lecithin which helps to preserve texture, flavorings for which vanilla is a perfect example. This chocolate type is different from other perennial chocolate types due to the amount of cocoa seeds which are available in a bar. The sweet dark chocolate has over 30%, 70%, 75% and others have over 80% for the extremely dark varieties. Some of the commonly used terms which are components of the cocoa content in dark chocolate are varied and are bittersweet, the semi-sweet and not forgetting the sweet dark chocolate.

The health benefits of dark chocolate

From the content, the we can see that the main ingredients of dark chocolate is chocolate. Chocolate is derived from plants meaning that it has most of the health benefits of dark vegetables. Most of the health benefits are derived from the flavonoids which are mainly used as antioxidants. The antioxidants contain free radicals and which are anti-aging suppressants. Dark chocolate has many antioxidants roughly eight times those found in strawberries. The flavonoids also help regulate blood pressure by producing nitric oxide which is vital in balancing hormones in the body. Dark chocolate keeps the cardiovascular system of individuals functioning effectively hence is good for individuals heart. Main benefits to the heart lie in the fact that it lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure in the body. It also tastes good, stimulates the production of endorphins which give a feeling of pleasure, has serotonins which are anti-depressants and also has theobromine and caffeine among other stimulants.