Chocolate DIY Beauty Mask

Chocolate DIY Beauty Mask Hello sexy dumplings! So here is a fun DIY mask using chocolate! I missed doing DIY videos! Smells yummy but works great. This Summer, we can treat ourselves with chocolate….without the calories! Cocoa is high in anti-oxidants which help the skin to fight against free radicals. There are a few ‘Chocolate’ skincare products in the market but they are quite hard to find. Why not make your own mask and treat yourself? I love making my own masks because it’s so much fun and gives great results but remember that results don’t happen over night. You must be consistent and patient. I reckon it would be fun to make this for sleep over parties too. Why not? Give it a go! If you are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned, do not try this remedy. Ps. Yes, I’ve tasted the mask before. It actually tastes pretty good! haha! Until next time, stay well guys Much love, Bubz xx Bubbi Brushes: Super excited about them. They should be launched Summer 2011. Follow me on Twitter: Subscribe to my Vlog channel: Bubzbeauty Official Website: Shop the Bubbi Clothing Line Connect with me at the Bubzbeauty Fanpage where I chill n catch up with you guys ^^ http

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